[The X3 Team]

Our X3 team consists of talented and passionate individuals that thrive to enhance the lives of others.

Jude Kamal
(Interior Design & Creative Direction)

Jude holds a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University. She specializes in interior design and creative direction at By Three Design. She founded this company while she was still in school and believed in its success all along.

Why do you design?

Let's set passion aside for a moment, I design to better people's lives, to inspire and empower them in their business or day to day activities.

Yara Kamal
(Branding, Design & Art Direction)

Yara holds a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University. She specializes in branding and art direction at By Three Design.

Yara established a clothing line, SCORIA, that is inspired by the idea of unleashing the child within. The designs are created from children’s stories and are meant to inspire adults to keep their minds young through communicating with art and clothing.

Why do you design?

To constantly remind myself to live life with utmost creativity. I want to inspire and be inspired, and I believes that it’s up to each and every one of us to fill in our worldly canvas with the story that we want to tell.